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Hi everyone who takes their time to read this. 
I just felt like updating you on my health after the last journal I posted here. Last time I told you how bad my health was. This time I'm here to tell you that I am better, but still not fully recovered. This time I'm here to tell you about what appears to be the reason behind all my health problems. 
All doctors tell me I'm stressed. That I should do something to relax. And I do: writing, reading comics, playing Magic the Gathering, that relaxes me. The problem is I have a source of stress right at one side from where I live. 
You see, at one side from where I live, there was an empty plot of land until some years ago when someone bought it and converted it in a business to sell cars. I didn't have a problem with that but my health problems started when they turned it into a repair shop. Noises came from there all the time, and worst of all, they painted cars in there. All that painting, all that smell entered my home almost at a daily basis. I tried talking with the owner, making him understand how I was feeling because of the painting. He never listened, he never cared. 
I finally took legal actions reporting the place with the authorities, I learned it's not legal to have that kind of business here where I live. But clearly he has contacts everywhere, because as soon as I reported him, the activities of repairing and painting cars stopped. Not to mention the local police is in league with him, I always watch how he invites them to eat, he even yells at them as if he was their boss when they arrive late or don't do something he wants. That's Mexico for you, you see this everywhere you look at. 
I've gathered some photos for proof about their activities, but is not still enough to make them close. He clearly is giving money to the right places to have the place working. At least there is no more painting smell in my home. 
But, my health has been getting worse as the time has passed. My doctors tell me that there is a big possibility all those solvents in the air damaged my nose and throath, and that could be the reason I am still not recovered. Let me tell you, my throath hurts and I've been coughing since las October. That is six months!! Not to mention headaches and my stomach problem, that I learned is caused also because of stress.
How am I not going to be stressed? Six months sick of my throath, and almost a year since my stomach problems started. All because of stress. If you don't believe one thing is related with the other, all my life I was a very healthy person, until the people at the side started their business. 
I've been feeling "depressed" I've said before, but maybe it's just my body feeling weaker and weaker as time has passed, as my health just gets worse and worse. 
I don't know why I'm writing this, I guess I just wanted someone to know what is been going on with real life around here. To have someone to know what kind of people I am fighting against. Wish me luck. 


And, like the title says, here is the current Commission List: 

1. :iconjack-inqu13: 1 Picture. 

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6. :iconvertigor: 1 Picture. 

Please, be patient with me, I am working on your pictures and everyting will be finished. 
If you are interested in one, feel free to send me a note. 


The Breeder of Lies

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